Kemble Chopin

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Celebrating the life of arguably the finest exponent of piano composition, the Chopin has a beautiful Romantic sound and an exceptionally pure and warm bass. Unique amongst our models its bass strings are hand spun for us by craftsmen at the world famous Austrian piano maker, Bösendorfer.
The Chopin has high quality hammers and a grand piano grade soundboard. Solid brass accents and features like burr walnut key blocks (on the black polyester model), plus stunning marquetry inlays, further add to its beauty, style and romance.
  • Height – 122cm
  • Braced back
  • Solid European spruce grand piano grade soundboard, ribs and back
  • High specification hammers
  • Hand spun bass strings by Bösendorfer
  • Brass Chopin signature plaque
  • Classic traditional ‘softline’ cabinet styling
  • Subtle use of brass as a feature in the leg
  • Vacuum processed cast iron frame for greater structural strength
  • World class Yamaha action
  • Depth: 62cm, Width: 153cm, Weight: 234kg

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