Bluthner Model A

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Bluthner Model A – Limited Edition Chrome.

Only 100 made this is number 4 of 100.

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Blüthner pianos are famous the world over for their beautiful, singing ‘Golden Tone’ and are the instrument of choice for many of the worlds finest musicians and composers. Since the company was founded in 1853, the company’s ethos has been to produce the finest quality pianos in the world, and to this day Blüthner upright pianos are beautifully handcrafted in Leipzig Germany from only the finest materials.

A solid frame strengthened with five beams guarantees optimal tuning stability providing ideal conditions for action and soundboard to respond to the player’s every intention. Enjoy the warmth of the Golden Tone in its many facets and colours from a most delicate pianissimo to a powerful and rich forte.

Height124cm (4’1″)

Width152cm (5’0″)

Depth63cm (2’0″)

1853 Founding & Innovation

Follow a successful company history that, at the same time, is also a family history.

In the middle of the 19th century, the city of Leipzig was one of the cultural centres at the heart of Europe equal to Paris, London or Vienna.  The enlight­ened and affluent middle-class of Leipzig was very ambitious, self-confident and open-minded, and the city itself was already well known for its international trade and its university.  Changing social conditions due to the industrial revolution meant that scientific and cultural education was no longer reserved for the aristocracy. The people of Leipzig prospered. It permitted the city to maintain the University, the St. Thomas Choir, the Opera, the Gewandhaus Orchestra and the Academy of Music, founded in 1843 by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. The Blüthner family was part of the musical tradition of the city and inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit in Leipzig.

These were convincing reasons for Julius Blüthner to open his piano factory, which became a highly successful enterprise. On 18th November 1853, having acquired a sound knowledge of piano-making, Julius Blüthner started his pianoforte factory. The Blüthner instruments achieved acclaim and rose to prominence amongst the myriad of competitive piano makers of the day remarkably quickly. Julius innovations set his instruments apart, and his theoretical drawings were published and studied by countless piano building masters throughout Germany.

Soon the instruments captured the attention of experts, top pianists and musical authorities. Blüthner pianos won top prizes at world exhibitions around the globe, including the Philadelphia World’s Fair in 1876 where Julius remarkable 4th string Aliquot design won a gold medal and would influence the Golden Tone of Blüthner pianos evermore.

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