Danemann upright piano Satin Mahogany (118cm) Renner Action and one piece ivory keys

This piano is in great conditions and hardly been played, good as new. It comes as part of a package with free stool and free local ground floor delivery.

W. Danemann & Company, based in London, had a reputation for producing high quality pianos renowned for their fine tone and touch.

Their upright pianos have been a popular choice among teachers and professionals, thanks to their light and responsive touch matched with a rich tone exceeding the seize of the instrument.

Danemann retained a few valuable retail customers, however such as Forsyths of Manchester and Harrods of Knightsbridge. The excellent HS2 upright was specially manufactured for Harrods. Externally, however the HS2 was described by the workplace as being ‘out of this world’ because of the factory, when the progress of any particular HS2 model was being chased up, the oft-heard question was: “where is that Out-of-this-world piano? Its features included ivory-covered keys. runner action and hammers from stuttgart, and a sound board made from the choicest and most costly Romanian pine available to the trade – of violin makers quality.

Only a few hundred HS2s were turned out of Northampton street during the 1960s and 70s and all of them were sold through Harrods. one of he fascinating things about this particular model is the way in which it demonstrates how a good choice of soundboard timber can profoundly affect tonal quality for the better. Th HS2 stands head and shoulders tonally above the firm’s standard classic model, fitted with a much cheaper coarser-grained sitka spruce soundboard, even though both the classic and the HS2 share exactly the same design of iron frame and have identical Pohlmann stringing stales.

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