Kemble Concerto Silent SH

RRP £8,380



Kemble pianos are now available fitted with the industry standard Yamaha SH and SG2 Silent System. With the silent function activated, the hammers no longer hit the strings and instead, a digital tone module reproduces the sampled sound of a Yamaha grand piano though headphones allowing 24 hr practice. Additionally, thanks to MIDI compatibility, Kemble Silent pianos can be connected to external voice expansion devices as well as PCs and iPads/iPhones, to take advantage of the latest Apps such as “Piano Diary.” You can also connect the audio outputs to Hifi-Systems, mobile audio devices or external speakers.


Kemble Silent pianos register every detail of your playing. These systems use sophisticated optical fibre “greyscale” sensors to continuously measure the movement of each key without interfering with the feel of the keyboard. The precision manufactured real piano action offers a sensitivity of touch and control that is unequalled by digital pianos.

SH System

SHSH equipped models benefit from the sampled sounds of a Yamaha CFX full-size concert grand piano, recorded using state of the art binaural sampling techniques. This sampling technology delivers a three-dimensional sound like nothing you have heard through headphones before: the illusion of sitting in front of a concert grand piano. It’s breathtakingly realistic. The SH system also features a range of unique features including 256 note Polyphony, 256Mb WAVE-Rom and individual CFX sampling for all keys. As well as MIDI, you can record your own audio performances directly onto USB. This data can be played back immediately from any audio device such as mobile phones, tablet devices and mp3 players, or shared in an instant with friends and family using cloud technology or social media networks.

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