Knight K10



Knight K10 upright dark mahogany (140cm)

The K10 is the most famous of Knight’s range and is generally considered to be one of the “best upright pianos” ever produced in the UK. The bass strings in the K10 are designed to cross the treble strings at a greater angle, so the strings are longer than most other pianos of this height.

The bass strings are designed so that they cross the treble strings at a greater angle, thus they are longer than most pianos of this height. This extra length allows the Knight K10 to match the tone of bigger upright pianos such as the U1. Different Knight uprights may vary between a moderately mellow to a bright tone depending on the hardness of the hammer. A piano can always be toned down to be more mellow.

This piano is part of a package deal coming with free stool and free local ground floor delivery.

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