Steinhoff Grand



This pristine Steinhoff grand piano in black polyester is truly a stunning sounding piano. Feel free to make an appointment to come try this piano. call 01415641170

In 1849 Ehrlich Steinhoff made the first handmade piano struck string machine pioneered the Steinhoff brand. From birth the Steinhoff piano on the strict manufacturing quality this ensuring the sound and quality of the first class.

In 1878 the vigorous development of the industrial revolution and promote the prosperity of iron and steel manufacturing iron and steel smelting and casting industry growing for the modern piano provides material basis Steinhoff luthiers of piano technology continue to improve on the basis of ancient piano create  modern piano embryos.

In 1902 Steinhoff musicians improved the traditional piano chord design to the unique purple copper wire winding process to create a precedent of piano string design.Greatly expand the piano bass resonance effect make the piano sound more full more flexible.During this period Steinhoff”s piano won the outstanding piano award this becoming the favourite of the European.

In 1939, after the outbreak of the Second World War,German piano manufacturing industry overall stagnation, Steinhoff piano factory also occupied, Steinhoff family moved to Denmark and began to devote themselves to the research of piano process innovation and reform.

In 1957 Steinhoff family to return to his native family their piano factories have also been approved they will set up new factory in the famous German Rhine Ruhr Industrial Area the beginning of the revival of German piano.

In 1983, piano is for the general public on the basis of adhering to the same quality Steinhoff piano in design innovation, appearance design is becoming more and more fashionable and simple function is perfect with each passing day shape gradually perfect.

In 2003 with the development of Chinese piano market demand and Chinese piano playing reputation reputations Steinhoff brand formally enter the Chinese market adhere to the imported from Germany adhere to the domestic and foreign quality such as a Steinhoff piano gradually for the piano industry known as piano masters preferred.

Today the company is still in the process of making piano Steinhoff family. They are still committed to inheriting the unique quality of the brand. In the past five years Steinhoff has been analysing their  varieties improving sound quality and production processes.

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