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Wurlitzer upright piano. This beautiful piano is well designed and has an excellent sound. Call us today on 01415641170 to make an appointment to come try this piano out.

The Wurlitzer piano brand can be found on a wide range of pianos. From various stylistic influences such as Florentine, Spanish and French, to entirely different models like spinet, upright, grand / baby grand, and electronic, Wurlitzer is a diverse brand known for many different aesthetics.

Most popular as an early American brand, Wurlitzer is iconized as a well-made, good-sounding piano. Especially when they went to market with their upright, Spinette model pianos, Wurlitzer was targeting the everyday American audience. For this reason, they were found in many cafés, homes, and studios throughout the 1900s

The pianos made by Wurlitzer & Company have stood their ground over the years, and even though the Baldwin Piano Company now owns the Wurlitzer name, it is still respected enough for Baldwin to use the Wurlitzer name on certain lines

Hight 97cm

Length 46cm

Width 63cm



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