Yamaha B3

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The tallest of the b-series uprights, the B3e has greater projection, tonal warmth, and key control than its younger siblings, making this a rather wonderful starter acoustic piano.

Built in Yamaha’™s Indonesian factory in Jakarta, the B3e sits atop the b-series instruments, and is a new alternative to a secondhand Yamaha U1. This factory has the same class-leading CNC processes found in their flagship factory in Kakegawa, and the b-series features some improvements that have trickled down from the development of their flagship CFX concert grand piano.


The Yamaha B3e has Yamaha’™s signature cleanness of tone; the sustain of each note is very straight, and the piano completely avoids being muddy which makes it rather versatile. The height gives the B3e the greatest warmth of the three b-series, further enhanced by an extra back posts and an iron frame that stretches the full perimeter of the piano. Also, the ‘˜e’™ suffix indicates that the piano has a solid spruce soundboard, which further enhances tonal depth.

For most homes, a ~122cm tall piano provides the best tonal balance (from bass to treble) and overall loudness, which the Yamaha B3e delivers. The extra height it has compared to its smaller siblings improves bass projection thanks to longer strings and larger soundboard area.


The increase in height the B3e enjoys also improves the piano’s touch. The piano is slightly deeper (from front to back) than the B2e, which allows Yamaha to fit a longer keystick into the instrument. This increases the amount of leverage the player has on each key, which gives a better sense of smoothness and control through the keypress.

Yamaha pianos are a favourite amongst piano teachers, as Japanese pianos have relatively heavy key actions. The extra strength required to play can be extremely helpful for building dexterity more quickly, especially during scales and finger exercises. Another helpful benefit is that it becomes far less likely for a performance piano to be heavier in touch, meaning that a player won’™t get exhausted during the course of an examination.


Cabinet Color Polished Ebony (also available in Polished Mahogany, Open Pore Dark Walnut and Satin Natural Cherry)
Finish As desired


Dimensions Width 152cm
Height 121cm
Depth 61ccm
Weight Weight 237kg

Control Interface

Keyboard Number of Keys 88
Pedal Type muffler

Additional information

Piano Finish

Open Pore Dark Walnut, Polished Ebony, Polished Ebony with Chrome Fittings, Polished Mahogany, Polished White, Satin Natural Cherry



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