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Yamaha CLP775 Digital Piano

The Yamaha CLP775 digital piano is a new model for 2020 which features a Grand Touch ‘Improved’ keyboard, re-sampled Yamaha CFX & Bosendorfer concert pianos, as well as some superb fortepiano voices including Broadwood, Kristoefl, Walter and Pleyel. An enhanced cabinet design and amplification system makes this instrument a significant set up from the lower range CLP700 series models.

CLP775 Colour Options
The Yamaha CLP775 is available in five different colour options: Black Walnut, Rosewood, Satin White, White Ash, Dark Walnut and the beautiful high gloss Polished Ebony.

GrandTouch Improved Keyboard
Yamaha ‘GrandTouch’ keyboard first appeared on the older generation CLP675 and CLP685 models. The manufacturer has listened to feedback from consumers and musicians and made some modifications to further improve the piano-like experience of this wonderful keyboard.

GrandTouch keys have longer length and give the player more leverage and allow for greater expressive control. In fact, the support length of keys is the same as on Yamaha’s S3x premium hand-crafted grand piano.

Premium Quality Piano Voices
The CLP775 is loaded with the very best sampled piano voices Yamaha has ever produced. The first two piano voices are the mighty CFX and Bosendorfer concert grands. The CFX is powerful across all registers, whilst the bosendorfer gives a more delicate sound and is particularly suited to romantic classics. Both the CFX and Bosendorfer voices have been recorded using binaural sampling technology which results in a surround sound experience when using headphones with the instrument.

The CLP775 is also equipped with a large range of ‘other’ instrument and orchestral voices including strings, harpsichord, clavs, e.pianos, choir and even classical & jazz organs.

The new CLP700 series has some additional fortepiano voices for recreating the authentic performances of composers such as Beethoven, Chopin, Scarlatti and Mozart.

Grand Expression Modelling
The many parts of an acoustic piano action, strings and soundboard combine and interact with each other to respond to every nuance of the performer’s technique. This is the limitless expression which players feel when performing on an acoustic piano and Yamaha has used advanced technology known as Grand Expression Modeling to simulate the interaction of the various components which results in a greater level of expressiveness than ever before. Grand Expression Modelling is a new feature for the CLP700 series instruments.

Virtual Resonance Modelling
The sound of a grand piano resonates throughout the body of the instrument, providing a rich reverberation that surrounds the listener in sound. This natural reverberation is replicated perfectly in the CLP775 Clavinova through Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM), which calculates the various states of the strings for each of the 88 notes on the keyboard from one instant to next. This allows for the vivid, richly-varied expression that reflects the limitless number of factors inherent in playing the piano.

Touch Sensitive Control Panel
On the CLP775, physical buttons have been replaced by a touch sensitive control panel located below the LCD display screen. The button lamps switch off after use leaving just a single on/off switch visible on the instrument itself. This further enhances the appearance of the CLP775.

Bluetooth Connectivity
The Yamaha CLP775 has both Bluetooth MIDI and audio compatibility. This means you can connect the instrument to your smart device such as a smartphone or tablet for use with the many music-making apps which are available. Yamaha’s Smartpianist app transfers control of all the piano’s features to the touchscreen of your external device, or perhaps you could use this feature to do some multi-track recording using Apple’s Garageband or Steinberg’s Cubasis. The possibilities are endless!

Record and Share Your Performances!
The USB audio player / recorder gives you the ability to record your performance to uncompressed .WAV format. This makes it simple to share your music with friends & family, or even upload it to an internet music sharing platform. Audio recordings are stored on a USB memory stick (not included).

Yamaha CLP775 Dimensions & Weight
Length 1461mm x Depth 465mm x Height 1138mm

Weight: 74kg

Yamaha CLP775 Feature Summary

  • GrandTouch ‘Improved’ keyboard
  • Re-sampled CFX & Bosendorfer piano voices
  • Binaural headphone output on CFX & Bosendorfer voices
  • Four fortepiano voices
  • EQ Tone Control
  • Rhythm Section with bass track
  • Onboard MIDI + Audio Recording* (Requires USB stock – not included)
  • Bluetooth MIDI + Audio connectivity

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