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Yamaha’s Transacoustic system stops the hammers from hitting the strings, and instead triggers digital sound through headphones, or through the piano’s own soundboard. This system uses Non-Contact 2-point Optical Sensors, and as the piano’s keys do not directly touch the sensors, there is no discernable difference in touch between a transacoustic piano and standard Yamaha acoustic instrument. Transacoustic is a groundbreaking technology that blends acoustic resonance with digital samples, and even allows you to layer the piano’s acoustic tone with the in-built digital samples. The Transacoustic system features 20 voices, Bluetooth audio & MIDI connectivity.

Yamaha’s YUS-series pianos are a great step up from the industry-standard U-Series uprights. Yamaha have carefully selected the materials that they have used in the construction of these instruments. For example, the hammers in this model use mahogany for the core, as well as high quality lambs-wool felts. Yamaha have also selected hand-wound bass strings for YUS models, which give an unrivalled quality of sound in the lower registers.

The YUS5 takes the high quality components & voicing methods of the YUS3 model to provide a beautifully warm tone with superb depth. Yamaha’s YUS5 upright piano has several features which bring the playing experience much closer to a grand piano:

  • Ivorite Keytops
  • Sostenuto Pedal
  • Adjustable Music Desk which enhances sound projection
  • Lever-operated Celeste Rail for quiet practice

The YUS5 is produced by Yamaha in their Kakegawa factory in Japan. which has become renowned across the industry for its high levels of craftsmanship and superb attention to detail. Once in the UK, all Yamaha YUS3s are further prepared at their facility in Milton Keynes to ensure each instrument is beautifully set up.

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