Piano Repair & Restoration

Mclaren’s can carry out all aspects of piano repair from a sticking note to a total piano rebuild.

With our partner companies in Germany, we can offer the finest traditional craftsmanship in all aspects of piano renovation, soundboard, stringing, action and casework refurbishment.


Will restoration change the quality and character of the piano?

The goal of a restoration is to return the piano as close as possible to its original style, so all the parts used are carefully selected and installed in order to keep the piano’s original character.

How long can I expect a restored piano to last?

A restored piano can last up to 50 years, provided that it is regularly maintained and not abusively used.

How much can a piano restoration cost?

The restoration cost will vary greatly depending on the model, size and age of the piano. A full restoration can cost £3,000 or over £7,500. For more details or a specific quote contact us on 0141 564 1170.

Can you provide with a replacement while my piano is being renovated?

We can arrange a solution for you in order to limit the inconvenience caused by the renovation of your piano. Just get in touch to discuss this and we’ll be happy to accommodate.

I don’t know if I should get my piano repaired or buy a new one. Can you help?

Sometimes the cost of a repair would greatly overcome the one of a new piano; in some cases it is just better to buy a new one. We would be happy to assess and estimate the necessary repairs and advise you on the best action to take; just get in touch.

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