Blüthner 4A

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Bluthner Hand French Polished Mahogany Grand (165cm) Made in Germany 1934

Width 140cm, Length 165cm

Since 1853, Blüthner instruments have been manufactured exclusively in Leipzig. To this day, the fifth generation of the family is watching over the legacy of our founder, Julius Blüthner to build the finest, hand-crafted pianos available.

The iron frame is cast in a quartz sand mould using traditional methods. To withstand the enormous tension of nearly 20 tonnes the design of each frame is precisely calculated and manufactured. Each frame is seasoned outside for two years before being sprayed to a high quality finish and individually fitted to an instrument.

Only the finest white high mountain spruce from selected alpine stock is used for the production of Blüthner soundboards. The wood must have straight running grain and at least seven annual rings per cm. Our soundboards are seasoned for many years to ensure maximum resonance and durability. The shape of a Blüthner soundboard is unique – a cylindrical curve with a tension evenly matched to the strings. Before the soundboard can be installed, it is pre-tensioned and crowned in a process developed by Blüthner. The ribs are shaped to fit the curvature required and therefore the tension of the soundboard remains in-tact over the decades. In fact, even under difficult climatic conditions, the curvature will remain in a constant form since not only the rib structure will hold it in place but also the red beech inner rim is pre-formed to the correct angle to receive and retain the soundboards curve tension. As the soundboard is pre-stressed in this fashion, it can be fitted precisely and remain under tension permanently.

The bridge is adapted to the tension and curvature of the soundboard in its optimum position. This ensures the string vibrations in their full spectrum are transferred to the soundboard. Both the bass and treble bridges are constructed from European maple

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